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The Scripture Study Group is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to present the Bible to the people of the world, through communication technologies and media resources.


The Scripture Study Group is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to present the Bible to the people of the world through communication technologies and media resources. The Scripture Study Group was formed by Joseph and Julia Brown in 2005 initially to set up and run the Prophetic Verses website Joseph and Julia are Bible students currently living in England with their family. They lived and worked together in Zambia for 20 years.


Please support the ongoing development of the Prophetic Verses website by praying for the team as they compile further Bible passages. Access to this website is free but it costs money to maintain and develop. By making a financial donation you will help us to continue presenting the Bible to internet users. To make a donation, e-mail us so that we can send you details of how you can do this.


We are committed to respecting and protecting personal privacy choices and concerns.
1. We do not share personally identifiable information (name, address, and/or email address) with others except as noted in paragraph 2.
2. Personal information may be stored and used internally to provide services expressly requested.
3. In future we may use cookies if resources are requested from us, just to make it easier to remember address information if further resources are requested.
4. Anyone with privacy questions and concerns is welcome to send us an e-mail so that we can respond.
5. The Scriptures Study Group reserves the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time by posting notice of the change or update on this site.


This website is a Bible study resource which currently uses the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures, which is in the public domain. But we would like to take this opportunity of gratefully acknowledging those who worked, struggled, fought and often lay down their lives in order that this Bible should be available to the world in this present time. The compilations and notes are prepared by ourselves. The images, sourced primarily from the Internet, have been used to illustrate the Holy Scriptures. In many cases it is not possible to establish copyright ownership and we are unable to acknowledge every image individually. But we are extremely grateful to all the artists and photographers for their inspirational works and to those who have made these compositions available on the Internet.


1. We currently use the King James Version Bible which is in the public domain. No one has rights to it. You may copy and post it as extensively as you wish. We encourage you to use the Bible for personal use, and to quote from it. 2. The images on this website are sourced primarily from the Internet. We hope that those artists/photographers whose work we have reproduced, will feel honoured that their works have been used on this website. However if you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or your intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated, please let us know. Once copyright ownership is established we will remove the image if necessary. 3. The compilations under headings within key phrases and any associated editorial may be reprinted, and/or downloaded and saved locally on a computer for personal, non-commercial use. 4. If you wish to seek permission to use material from the website, please contact us by e-mail. 5. We cannot provide permission to use any of the images as we are not the copyright owners.


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